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Actual Numbers is a full-service accounting firm providing tax return preparation services for individuals, families and retirees throughout the Orange City, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach area.

Tax laws are so complex even our congressmen have trouble wading through it all!  At Actual Numbers, we stay abreast of tax law changes and trends to help you steer clear of trouble now -  and later.  While we will help you take full advantage of every legal deduction and credit you qualify for, we will also help you look ahead and avoid pitfalls down the road.


Tax Preparation for Couples


Tax preparation for Couples –

Are you better off filing together or separately?  How does that limit your available tax credits?  What other credits do you qualify for? Buy or sell a home?

Actual Numbers has the answers.  We can make this tax season easier for you!





Individual tax return preparation

Tax preparation for Families –

Who is a dependent and who isn’t?  Standard or itemized deductions?  How many tax credits can you qualify for?  Did the child tax credit decrease this year?

Actual Numbers can help your family get the most out of tax season.   Children are a blessing, not an expense!





Tax Preparation for Retirees

Tax preparation for Retirees –

Did you take your required minimum disbursement (RMD) from your IRA?  Do you qualify for increased exemption amounts available for most seniors?  Are your Social Security benefits taxable this year? 

Actual Numbers can be sure you you are in the best possible position this year - and next year! 






Parents –

Is there a student in the house? 

We can compare the various education deductions and credits to determine which is best for you.


Our tax situation changed dramatically last year, and we appreciated knowing our options. Our refund helped us pay down some debts. Thank you!
- Terry, Port Orange
We have been to other tax preparers, but now that we found you we wouldn't go anywhere else!
- James & Mary, Daytona Beach
Thank you for securing the tax exempt status for our nonprofit so quickly. Other nonprofits have had to wait a year or more, but you were able to expedite the process to just a matter of weeks.
- Medwaiver provider, Daytona Beach
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