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Numbers are my thing. I found that out early, and I've leaned into it. It all began with taxes, but I soon realized I wanted to work with my clients year-round to make sure their numbers are right all the time — not just at tax time.


Plus, through years of volunteer work and event management, I developed a deep affection for the nonprofits, churches, and small businesses that truly make our country great. These are often the overworked, under-appreciated, and selfless givers among us who define the American heartbeat.


By beginning with tax preparation and working backward to the actual accounting, I have discovered and developed ways to make their job easier so clients can focus on pursuing their mission. That is ultimately my goal, and that is my passion.


In addition to counting my clients’ income and expenses, I’ve also counted sheep on a small farm in rural Florida; counted thousands of Atlantic sunrises; counted years of homeschooling; and counted on precious friends and family.


I then counted down to the day I moved to Tennessee, and now I count my chickens (before and after they hatch) in the foothills of the Cumberland mountains.

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