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By focusing on non-profits, churches, and small businesses, I bring tailored experience to the table to meet your specific needs.


The need for transparent, accurate books can't be over-stated for non-profits. Maintaining 501(c) 3 status requires it. But as most non-profit leaders would agree, ensuring accurate accounting and reporting while remaining focused on the mission can create added stress for leadership.

 Accurate expense segregation, donation tracking, and meaningful budgeting are all required not only for maintaining non-profit status, but also for reporting to constituents. And it shouldn't be overwhelming.


Hiring a specialist allows non-profits to strengthen their impact and grow their donor base while delivering on financial assurances.


Churches, like non-profits, require transparency and accuracy. Church leadership must feel confident that the financials they present to the church are correct and thorough. Churches also need an accounting system that can flex as the congregation and mission grow.

Churches, whether small congregation or multi-campus organizations, need a specialist who understands their unique accounting requirements — and who is up-to-date on current accounting technology as it relates to church reporting.


Small business owners wear a lot of hats. One of the least-loved hats is often bookkeeping. Whether your limitations are in communication (accurate reporting), time (managing books), or decision-making (trusting the numbers), hiring a specialist can fill the gap.


Spreadsheets don't have to be scary anymore. A specialist can provide you with timely, accurate financial data not only to ensure all operations are within budget, but also to inform future decision-making.

Streamline  |  Simplify

Robust and flexible integrations

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Tiered support

Personalized integrations

Budget Monitoring

Financial Reports


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Donations Tracking

Inventory & Depreciation Tracking

Revenue & Expense Recording

Non-Profit Fund Accounting

Process Improvement

Informed Recommendations

"Is there anything you don't do?"

Not much. But there are just a few services I prefer leaving to the in-house team:

Payroll processing | Collections

Donor response letters | Fundraising

Tax preparation

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